• Grants were received from The Timken Company, Muskingum Watershed and Frontier Power. These funds were used to place electric in the red barn, picnic shelter and replace the electric in the yellow pole barn.   What a difference a light makes!  Staff are loving the freedom to plug into outlets and turn on the lights.
  • The Kimble Family donated funds towards our trail sign project that we have been working on for the past 3 years.  We are hoping to have new trail signs on the Johnson Loop trails by the end of the summer.  The other 2 loops will also be getting new signs as well.
  • The O’Donnell Family Charitable Foundation once again sponsored the Butterfly Exhibit in July 2017.  We are so thankful for their continued support to make this event available to the community.
  • A huge thank you to United Way for granting us funds to provide soup for our Winter Hike.  Buehlers, Culligan, Hillside Propane also contributed to drinks and keeping hikers warm.
  • Recently we applied for a Aquatic Education grant through ODNR to purchase an accessible fishing dock for the pond on the Conservation side of our property.  We were not fully funded but did receive $3,757 towards the projects.  Efforts are underway to raise more money to complete this project. Programs will be offered to those who would benefit from an accessible docking system as part of the project.  If you are interested in learning more contact the office and speak with Marsha Freeland or Gabe Riggle.  



  • The Annual Meeting – Silent Auction will be held March 28, 2017 at Union Hill Methodist Church.  The silent auction will begin at 5:15 with the dinner at 6:00PM  Dinner will consist of salad, baked chicken, rigatoni, mashed potato, corn, dinner roll, dessert and a  drink.  Please call the office to reserve your spot today.

Have you Heard?

  • Kip Brady and his New Philadelphia High School students have been hard at work the last couple of years taking surveys of what lives at the NJC.  In January of 2017 his students placed vernal pools on the upper ridge trail on Conservation Drive.  We can’t wait for the frogs and salamanders who live at the NJC come to these areas and start laying their eggs for their future survival.
  • A new AmeriCorps member has been assigned to the Tuscarawas County Parks which includes the Norma Johnson Center. Gabe Riggle is assigned to this position and will be with us until August of 2017. Gabe is currently working on a Accessible fishing dock grant for the pond beside the picnic shelter on Conservation Drive.  He is also working on updating the trail signs at the NJC which will help visitors find their way along the trails.
  • Longitude and Latitude coordinates are now available to each of our kiosk loop locations.  The Preservation Loop located at the yellow pole barn 40.511219, -81.538883.  Conservation Loop  at the red barn and restroom located on Conservation Drive 40.512382, -81.544111.  Johnson Loop located on Hidden Hollow Lane 40.510735, -81.554379.  The Brandywine Center 40.512536, -81.549150.
  • Hitching posts are now available at each kiosk location.  

Active Bird List
Dan Kramer volunteered at the NJC spring and summer to do an inventory of the birds living at the NJC.  We appreciated all the hours he put in to set up the mist nets and band the birds who were snagged along the way.  We are also thankful for the times he educated campers and members of the community by sharing about the birding process and the project he was working on.  

Dan Kramer 2016 bird List Dan Kramer 2016 bird List