An Article About the History of Norma Johnson 

Winners for the 2019 Essay, Drawing and Photo Contest.

A huge thank you to everyone who submitted an essay or drawing for our 2019 contest.

2019 Essay Winners


1st Place: Zoey Hershberger

2nd Place: Aria Sanner

3rd to 4th Grade

1st Place: Mitch Quillin  

2nd Place: Kortlynn Miller  

5th to 6th Grade

1st Place: Clark Quillin  

2nd Place: Kiersten Creighton

7th and 8th Grade

1st Place: Belle Fockler  

2nd Place: Allison Quillin

2019 Drawing Winners


1st Place: Aria Sanner

2nd Place: Levi Quillin

3rd to 4th Grade

1st Place: Carter Creighton

2nd Place: Kortlynn Miller

5th to 6th Grade

1st Place: Katie Armstrong

Photo Contest

1st Place: “Purple Toadstool”  Bill Roloff

2nd Place: “You Caught me in the Nectar Again”  Karen Jablonski

3rd Place: “Flight of the Monarch”  Bill Roloff

 Norma Johnson Conservation Center Foundation Board adds 4 New Board Members

The NJCCFB added four new board members at our last meeting in March.  We would like to welcome

Jesse Kandel, Harriet Sabo, Penny Triplett and Howard Wise to our board.  We look forward to each of our new board members uniqueness and look forward to the future with their guidance.


New Trail Signs have been installed on the Johnson Loop and Preservation Loop.  Conservation Loop signs are next on the list to be installed.

A huge thank you to the Tuscarawas County Commissioners, Tusc Parks, Norma Johnson Center Foundation Board and the Kimble Company for funding the new trail signs.  Spring of 2018 the Johnson Loop signs were placed along the trail.  Winter of 2019 the Preservation Loop signs were installed.  Next on the list is the Conservation Loop signs which will occur when the weather breaks.  Take a hike on the trails and explore the new directional trail signs.



  • 2019 Grants
    • United Way funded the Winter Hike on February 9, 2019
    • Family Fishing Day funding has been secured by the ODNR Step Outside grant June 22, 2019
    • Family Fishing Day June 22, 2019 funding from Kimble Foundation
    • Butterfly Exhibit in July has been funded by the O’Donnell Family Charitable Foundation.
    • Adventure Camp in August funding from Kimble Foundation
    • Kimble Foundation for Accessible Trail Project for material on Preservation Side
  • 2018 Grants
    • Funding was received for the first phase of our Accessible Trail Project.  Funds were secured for programming and installation of the Accessible Fishing Dock, handicap ramps to 3 of our buildings, and trail design in 2017.   We thank each and everyone of our donors:  Chevron, DNR Aquatic, Jeanne Souers Garcia Foundation, Haman Foundation, MWCD Foundation, Ruth Carlson Starlight Foundation, Winfield Homemakers, NJC Fundraisers and local donors.
Located on Preservation Pond
  • 2018 Funding for the Winter Hike was granted by the United Way
  • 2018 funding has been secured for the butterfly exhibit and has been provided by the O’Donnell Family Charitable Foundation
  • 2018 Conservation Day Camp funding will be provided by ODNR Step Outside grant and the Kimble Foundation 
  • 2018 Family Fishing Day funding will be provided by ODNR Step Outside Grant and the Kimble Foundation





  • The Annual Meeting – Silent Auction will be held March 21, 2019 at Union Hill Methodist Church.  The silent auction will begin at 5:15 with the dinner at 6:00PM  Dinner will consist of salad, baked chicken, rigatoni, mashed potato and gravy, green beans with almonds and red peppers, dessert and a  drink.  Please call the office to reserve your spot today.

Have you Heard?

Mike Blauch (L), Artist Amy Vance (M), Marissa Blauch (R)
  • Michael Blauch installed a small natural playing area for his Eagle Scout project.  You can find this area at the NJC Clubhouse located on the Conservation Loop.  Thank you Mikey for all your hard work.
  • Longitude and Latitude coordinates are now available to each of our kiosk loop locations.  The Preservation Loop located at the yellow pole barn 40.511219, -81.538883.  Conservation Loop  at the red barn and restroom located on Conservation Drive 40.512382, -81.544111.  Johnson Loop located on Hidden Hollow Lane 40.510735, -81.554379.  The Brandywine Center 40.512536, -81.549150.
  • Hitching posts are now available at each kiosk location.  Bike racks are located next to hitching posts on Conservation Drive and the Preservation Side entrance at the yellow pole barn. 


Active Bird List

December 2018 and January 2019 has been an exciting time at the Norma Johnson Center.  Local birders found a Long Eared Owl wintering at the Norma Johnson Center.  It has been an exciting time for staff and locals birders as they venture out together to catch a glimpse of the magnificent creature.  Kip Brady, New Philadelphia High School,  science club actually caught a picture of the owl on one of their research stands.  Simply amazing.  NJC staff have seen a male and female residing the pines along Ash Trail.  Marsha was super excited to find owl pellets in which she plans to investigate to see what types of critters the owl has been eating this year.  

Dan Kramer volunteered at the NJC spring and summer to do an inventory of the birds living at the NJC.  We appreciated all the hours he put in to set up the mist nets and band the birds who were snagged along the way.  We are also thankful for the times he educated campers and members of the community by sharing about the birding process and the project he was working on.  

Dan Kramer 2016 bird List Dan Kramer 2016 bird List