Use caution while snow is on the trails.  Since we are experiencing snow, rain, sleet, freezing and thawing temperatures the trail surface will be changing as well.


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With the winter weather offering our usual Ohio variety we are reminding trail users to use caution.

Tips for Trail Use

  1.  Tell someone where you are hiking, which trailhead you will be taking, the time you are heading out and expected to return.
  2. Carry your cell phone with you.
  3. Wear appropriate gear for your winter adventure.  Layering is a must in case you get too warm.  
  4. Use props to help your trail adventure:  trekking sticks, traction aids for compacted trails or ice.  Snowshoes for lighter snow.
  5. Know the weather forecast
  6. Take a snack and a thermos with something warm to drink.
  7. Check back in with #1 when you return to your vehicle.