Winter Hike success 2.12.2022

Even though the trails were icy community members were ready to get out on the trails at the Norma Johnson Center on Saturday February 12th.  Over 125 attendees chose to walk/skate the icy trails, slide to their destination and have soup and hot chocolate at the picnic shelter.  The children were having a ball sliding down the hills and trails.  Definitely, a memorable day for all.  We are so thankful for the United Way sponsoring our event to allow us to provide soup choices from Ginger’s Luncheon and Bakery in Uhrichsville and hot chocolate.  Volunteers and staff greeted visitors and kept an eye on our trail hikers.  

“What an amazing day to be on the trails!  We are thankful so many chose to come out and experience nature’s outcomes on the trail.  The icy trails weren’t for everyone but the soup and hot chocolate made everything okay.”

Marsha Freeland

TuscParks Education Manager