Of the new hires, Jesse Rothacher says “I am really happy we were able to keep Marsha – she has the
pulse of our community and brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Craig is skilled, resourceful,
and loves the outdoors. Your trails are in good hands.”

The Tuscarawas County Commissioners and Park Department (“TuscParks”) welcomed two new
employees towards the end of 2021. Marsha Freeland and Craig Howell will be joining Jesse
Rothacher, Park Manager, and Jane Clay, Park Coordinator, in the development of TuscParks
properties. Marsha Freeland, the former Director of the Norma Johnson Center, was hired as the
new Programming/Education Manager and Craig Howell was hired as Maintenance Manager.

Marsha Freeland can be reached at 330-365-3279 or parkedu@co.tuscarawas.oh.us and maintenance
issues can be reported to Craig Howell at 330-365-3288.

The Tuscarawas County Commissioners also received a donation of 63 acres of land at the Norma
Johnson Center from the Tuscarawas County Soil & Water Conservation District. The
Commissioners now own the entire 303-acre Norma Johnson Center and have placed it under the
management of TuscParks.

TuscParks would like to thank the Tuscarawas County Commissioners, the Tuscarawas County Soil
& Water Conservation District, and the Norma Johnson Conservation Center Foundation Board for
their ongoing support in this process.