Outdoor Sanity Series

February is Winter Hike Month.  Get outside and spend some time at the Norma Johnson Center.

Welcome to the first month of activity for our 2021 Outdoor Sanity Series.  This month we are featuring Winter Hiking.  All of our trails are open dawn to dusk everyday of the year but during the month of February will provide three marked trails for trail users to explore.  All marked Winter Hike trails begin and end near the Conservation Drive parking area below the red barn.  When hiking this area is marked with a red parking symbol.   A restroom is located near this trail head but if weather temperatures are extreme it may be closed.  A portajohn is located at the front of the property near the Preservation Loop Kiosk and yellow pole barn throughout the year.  

Basic Loop – Marked with pink post and ribbon this trail starts and ends near the picnic shelter’s driveway.  Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the Conservation Pond and through the pine trees on a trail called Brugs Way.  Enjoy a section of our Accessible Trail but please note we are still working on this section of trail so watch your step. 

Vista View – Marked with blue posts and ribbon this trail starts at the picnic shelter and ends near the Conservation Loop Kiosk.  This intermediate-level walk will take you up a steep incline to walk along the ridge for a spectacular sightline view across the Brandywine Valley.  Did you know Norma’s family had an orchard  near this loop before it was mined for coal?

Adventurous – Marked with orange ribbon and post this trail begins near the Conservation Loop kiosk and also ends here too.  If you want a workout and explore the wooded trail this hike is for you.  The trail will lead you to the wetlands and around the wetland area on Rebecca’s Way.  Trail users can check out the suspension bridge and wind back to the wetland if you choose.  You will encounter a few ups and downs along the way but this trail provides lots of attractions for little ones walking with you.  




Trail Map Download

We have color coded our trails for Winter hiking ease.  Pink is our basic loop, Blue is the Vista View and Orange is the Adventurous hike.

 Winter Hike Map